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When H Nicholson & Son started repairing milking equipment out the shed on their farm in Tara in 1971,  Howard never would have imagen 40 years later we would be milking cows with robots and you could feed livestock with just the push of a button.  It is an understatement to say the Agriculture industry has changed over the past few decades.  As farms, have evolved, grown, and improved over the years so has our company. 

There may be different faces, different products, and even different company names at Partner Ag, but one thing remains constant.  Our commitment to serve the farmers in mid western Ontario.  Whether it be a milk pump repair on a weekend or a new barn being built, our dedicated team has one common goal; helping farmers improve their farming operation.  We are very proud of our team at Partner Ag, each team member brings different strengths and we are constantly striving to serve our customers better. 

We will continue to bring new technologies to the agriculture industry as well as invest in our people and our community.

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