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Partner Ag is dedicated to making your farm operation as efficient as possible by providing a comprehensive collection of livestock equipment and supplies. From milking machines to stabling supplies, we have what it takes to make the most of your operation. A number of top names in dairy and livestock equipment suppliers are partnered with us so that we can provide the highest quality products to our clients. Combined with our unbridled service packages, you can rest easy knowing that your equipment will be effective and well-maintained as long as you have it. Browse through our supplier websites below or speak to one of our team members to find the right equipment for your operation. We are happy to meet with you and help find the ideal equipment for your needs and budget.


Featured Products


CANARM - Cyclone Fan

  • Unique design for maximum efficiency with
    minimal sound
  • 44562 CFM @ 24.2 CFM/Watt = Exceptional
  • Adjustable Airfoil Deflectors
  • Durable and ultra-quiet 6 paddle aluminum
  • Optional mounts available
  • VSD Drive with filter

Milk taxi

HOLM & LAUE -  Milk Taxi 4.0

  • The easy way to bucket feed
  • Heats, stores, cools, pasteurizes and mixes milk replacer
  • Transports milk and dispenses to the calves
  • Several options available with 150L capacity up to 260L
  • Milk Taxi gives you time to focus on the important things in the calf pens.
  • Easier and quicker calf feeding with no trail and error
  • Reduced rearing cost
  • Battery operated with a semi automatic wash system

AKTIVPULS Silicone Inflation

  • Faster and more complete milk out with fewer reattaches
  • Improved teat ends
  • Lasts for up to 8000 milkings
  • Unique design allows for minimal vacuum pressure on test ends
  • Free shell program on now
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Our Farm Suppliers

We partner with companies that share our values in quality and integrity. Click on the brands below to view their websites and learn more.

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