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Our Rewards Program Works For You

At Partner Ag Services, we work hard to return the loyalty given by our customers. If your account has been kept current for more than 30 days you can qualify for our rewards program on your route delivered products. Through partnerships with our suppliers, we're able to pass on savings so members receive discounts on products and services with each visit! You can receive up to 5% of your purchase back when you spend over $150, and up to 8% back simply by purchasing from the qualifying groups listed below*. Plus, discounts will apply to a number of important Partner Ag services that you already rely on. Just another great reason to partner with us!

 Large or small herd operations can take advantage of our rewards program
 Receive 5% OFF your total purchase when you spend $150 or more on route supplies
 Receive up to 8% off by purchasing products from each qualified groups
 Keep your account current (up to 30 days) and save!

* subject to modification as products are added or discontinued

Barn cleaning products

Qualifying Cleaning Products

  • Challenge Soap
  • Tru Blu LCD Soap
  • Guard 100 Soap
  • Guard 50 Soap
  • Excel Plus Soap
  • PLX Soap
  • Acid 40
  • Tru Blu LCA Acid
  • Acid 60
  • Acid Guard S
  • Enviro Guard Defender
Udder health products

Qualifying Udder Health Products

  • Bovi Kote D
  • Bovi Kote 75
  • Bovi Soft
  • Bovitec
  • Ultra
  • Ultra EXT
  • Ultra LV
  • Active Oxy C
  • Udderdine 110
  • OxyGard
  • Udderdine 75
  • Kleen and Dri

Qualifying Hoof/Cow Care Products

  • BedCide Bedding Treatment
  • Klingon Blue Footbath Treatment
  • StepSept CSE Enhancer for Footbath
  • StepSept FBT Hoof Care Treatment
  • Stout & Fresh Industrial Strength Laundry Detergent
  • Parlour Brite High Foaming Manual Acid Cleaner


Ask your route specialist for more details!