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Farm Services

With our Farm Services we aim to help make your business run smoother with no interruptions. We offer scheduled services for regular, preventative maintenance, or for unexpected emergencies, our 24/7 service gives you the peace of mind that your business is always in good hands.


Our dedicated team of highly trained service technicians is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Wheather it be a milk pump failure, slow cooling alarm or manure pump troubles, our team is ready to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.


We offer a tailor made scheduled service program for our customers. No matter the size of your herd or style of your equipment, our highly-trained service technicians will set up a scheduled service program based on your farm needs.  We offer a thorough inspection of your equipment to ensure optimal performance.  We can complete your wash analysis and provide all the necessary forms for your CQM compliance.  Every scheduled service includes a detailed report of our work and recommendation for next time.  Our goal is to partner with you to achieve optimal performance of your milking system.

Diary farm


Service Driven Route Program

Our skilled route specialists have over 40 years of experience in the dairy industry and are ready to advise a solution to the needs of your operation. We carry a wide range of products to meet all demands of cleaning and udder health on any dairy. Along with delivering the proper supplies on a consistent schedule, we also offer unique services to prevent problems and keep your system performing optimally.

Details of Our Service Driven Program

 Chemical pricing based on cost per wash analysis for clear cost evaluation
 Six week delivery cycle with customer notification 1-2 days in advance of truck visit
 Careful monitoring of product inventory on farm to ensure adequate amounts from visit to visit
 At no extra cost we will; inspect vacuum pumps, filters, receiver group and bulk tank, verify functionality of chemical pumps and install liners, air tubes and hoses

Partner Ag Service Trucks

Milking Time EvaluationMilking Time Evaluation

The best time to evaluate the milking system is when it is running. Partner Ag offers a comprehensive milking time evaluation.  This will provide you with recommendations for system settings and milking routines with the ultimate goal of lower somatic cell counts, improving udder health and cow comfort on your operation.

Our Milking Time Analysis includes:

Detailed logging of vacuum levels in milk line and milking unit to verify proper settings
Evaluation of detacher settings for proper milk out.
Recording of milking routine for evaluation of udder preparation.
Observations of any items that hinder better milking performance.
Analysis of CIP on system, recording temperatures and chemical usage.
 Detailed report is produced showing all test data and items to be discussed for improvement.

Barn design by Partner Ag

Barn Design

Our team of professionals has been designing livestock facilities for over 40 years. Whether it be a new dairy barn, a renovation to fit robots or expanding your feed room to accommodate new automation we have the experience to find the plan for you. We can provide detailed plans and work with you to ensure your project works for your farm.


Installation Services

We install and service everything we sell. Whether it be a bulk tank, manure scraper, feeding automation, parlour, tie stall or robot milker we have the expertise to get the job done. Our qualified technicians take great pride in their work to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


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